Co-op RPG on Steam lets you adventure as a dog and cat – Has 96% positive reviews

Co-op RPG on Steam lets you adventure as a dog and cat – Has 96% positive reviews

Cat Quest II is a popular co-op RPG on Steam. As noble animals, you set about discovering the game world, fighting monsters and completing quests. The game has 96% positive reviews and costs €15.

What is Cat Quest II game? The game is an open world action RPG with hack’n’slash elements. The game also has a local co-op mode where 2 people can play together.

What is Cat Quest II about? The war between the cats of Felingard and the dogs of the Lupus kingdom threatens to flare up again. In the foreground of the game are two lost, animal kings who are reluctant to have to work together at the beginning. However, they bond and embark on an adventure together to reclaim their thrones.

Check out the Cat Quest II launch trailer below:

Cat Quest II – Official Launch Trailer

What is the gameplay like in Cat Quest II? The player takes on the role of a cat or a dog. But you can also switch back and forth between the two main characters during the game. The co-op mode allows you to play the game together with another person, with each controlling a game character.

You travel through the game world, consisting of the two kingdoms of dogs and cats. You will meet different characters and work your way through dungeons in which you have to watch out for various monsters, traps and obstacles.

There are also several side quests with their own storylines that expand the game world.

In addition to weapons such as swords and staffs, spells and passive abilities are also available to your characters. The attributes of the skills can be combined with each other and create new effects.

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One aspect that is very present in the game and also appears in some reviews are the numerous cat and dog puns that can be found throughout the game.

If you want more information about the game, you can find it a detailed review of Cat Quest 2 by our colleagues here on the GamePro website.

How do players rate Cat Quest II? Both the first part Cat Quest and the sequel do extremely well on Steam.

The first part has a total of 5,035 reviews, 95% of which are good player reviews (via Steam). Cat Quest II has 2,749 reviews and 96% of them are positive player opinions (as of November 11, 2022)

How much does Cat Quest II cost on Steam? The game is currently available on Steam for €14.99. You can also download the demo to try it out first. If you buy the game directly as a bundle with its predecessor Cat Quest, you will receive a discount of 10% compared to buying the two individual titles and you will pay slightly less than €25.18 instead of €27.98 (as of November 17, 2022). .

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