CoD Warzone 2: Crazy 3 – What is this mode and when will the normal trio come?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 inspires many players not only with its huge map, but also with modes that are new to the franchise. This includes the new mode “Crazy 3somes”. We’ll show you what that mode is and when the normal trio mode will come.

How does Crazy 3 work? If you select the mode in your menu and start the round, your match will start as usual. You choose a landing spot with your two other teammates, loot as much as you can and try not to die.

The difference, however, is that you can recruit your enemies into your squad, allowing you to have up to 6 players on the team at once.

As absurd as that sounds in a trio mode, it works. The YouTuber Aculite shows you in his video how crazy the mode really is.

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How can I recruit squad members? To recruit players for the squad, you must convince enemy players not to shoot you. The Proximity Chat is suitable for this because you can communicate with players in your area.

Now you approach each other and one of you has to invite the other – this works via the emote menu.

A message pops up that you have allied yourself with the player and he is now part of your squad. Now you can travel together and increase your squad up to 6 players.

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Where is the original trio mode? We cannot give you an exact answer to this. It is not yet known when the original trio mode will be implemented. In the meantime, however, players can occupy themselves with the remaining modes that are active at the moment. This includes:

  • Battle Royale 4er
  • External View BR – 3 Series
  • Crazy – BR 3er
  • Battle Royale – 2s
  • Battle Royal Individual

But you can assume that the normal trio mode will also be available soon. The playlists rotate regularly and keep adding new modes with different rules. What the rhythm of the rotation will look like cannot be said at the moment.

If new information about the whereabouts of the real trio mode spreads, we will summarize it here for you as soon as possible.

What do you think of Warzone 2’s new trio mode? Is he really crazy, do you think it’s cool or do you prefer to stick with the standard modes? Please leave us a comment!