CoD Warzone 2 stutters and lags through the release – you still celebrate the Battle Royale

CoD Warzone 2 stutters and lags through the release – you still celebrate the Battle Royale

We asked you on MeinMMO how you like the new, free Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone 2. And despite some issues with the release, most of you are satisfied. For some, it’s even the “perfect” Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 was launched on November 16th, along with Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2. The release evening on Wednesday already made it clear that not everything is running smoothly in Battle Royale:

  • The servers were stressful and many suffered from lag
  • The social menu was completely bugged for 2 days
  • Some didn’t get into the game for a whole evening

However, there were also many reports that Warzone 2 ran smoothly for the first few days. For example, MeinMMO user “Phantom” wrote to us in the comments: “Well, I never had any problems. Only the connection sometimes took a little longer”.

That was also our impression when observing the servers and problems on the first few days: you could be really lucky or really unlucky.

For example, MeinMMO editor-in-chief Leya and her team didn’t come into play for the entire Thursday evening – while I was on a kill hunt with my squad in southern Al Mazrah.

We therefore wanted to know from you how you like Warzone 2 and 1,763 readers of MeinMMO answered:

  • MeinMMO survey: How do you like Warzone 2?
    • Mediocre (21%, 378 votes)
    • Very good (21%, 367 votes)
    • Mies (20%, 357 votes)
    • Good (19%, 330 votes)
    • Bad (14%, 239 votes)
    • Perfect (5%, 92 votes)
      • Votes 1,763 / Status: 20.11. at 15 o’clock

The result is quite clear and despite the problems with the release, most of you are celebrating the new edition of the Battle Royale from CoD:

  • Positive votes: 789 / 44.8%
  • Neutral votes: 378 / 21.4%
  • Negative votes: 596 / 33.8%
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Also noteworthy are the 92 votes that voted for a “perfect” Warzone. That speaks for a certain hype, which at least 5% of the voting readers feel.

However, a good 20% of the votes fall on the worst option “lousy” and the strongest individual rating is “mediocre”. A convincing result looks different.

The technical state of Warzone causes some annoyances, but many players can handle the stress of release or have had fewer problems than others.

Overall, the first release days were mixed – how did it go for you? Leave a comment on the topic and share your first adventures with us.

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