CoD Warzone 2: The best settings for high FPS on PC

CoD Warzone 2: The best settings for high FPS on PC

FPS is also important in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The smoother your picture, the higher your chance of successfully getting out of a gunfight. We therefore show you the best settings for the PC so that you can achieve high FPS.

In CoD: Warzone 2 it is important to use every advantage you can get. Whether it’s good weapons, sophisticated tactics or even the right graphics settings. We will therefore show you the most important settings for your FPS below.

Note that these settings will not make you a pro player. They only ensure high refresh rates on your monitor, which will benefit you in battle.

If you haven’t had a look inside Warzone 2 yet, here’s a trailer:

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Launch Trailer

CoD Warzone 2: The best graphic settings

Where do these settings come from? These settings come from Brparadox the Twitter account of P Customs. They make gaming PCs and sell computer parts and tweaks to your PCs.

Which settings are important? Now we present you the best settings. Go to your settings and open the “Graphics” tab. Now three divisions appear. You go to the “Graphics” section and set the following settings:

  • Quality presets: Own
  • render resolution: 100
  • Upscaling / sharpening: Fidelityfx CAS – 100
  • Antialiasing: SMAA T2X
  • Antialiasing quality: normal
  • Graphics memory scaling: 90
  • Texture resolution: normal
  • Anisotropic texture filter: High
  • Detail level close: Small amount
  • Level of Detail Removed: High
  • Ground Detail Level: Short
  • Particle quality: Small amount
  • Particle quality level: High
  • Bullet Holes & Sprays: A
  • Shader quality: Middle
  • tessellation: Out of
  • terrain storage: Max.
  • On Demand Texture Streaming: Out of
  • Streaming quality: normal
  • Volumetric quality: Small amount
  • Quality delayed physics: Out of
  • underwater jets: Out of
  • Shadow Map Resolution: Very low
  • Screen Space Shadows: Out of
  • Point shadow cache: Middle
  • Particle Illumination: Small amount
  • Ambient Occlusion: Small amount
  • Screen Space Reflections: Out of
  • Static reflection quality: Small amount
  • Weather Effects: Small amount
  • Depth of field: Out of
  • World Motion Blur: Out of
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Out of
  • image noise: 0.00
  • How do you view your FPS?
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Also select the maximum value of your monitor as the FPS value and set your “field of view” to a high value that you can handle.

What do these settings do? Warzone 2 is a real FPS eater with its huge map and gigantic game world elements.

Due to this large amount of data that your PC has to calculate, your frames per second are automatically reduced. These settings ensure that Warzone 2’s performance improves, but at the same time you don’t have any disadvantages because your graphics are a little worse.

If you need the best settings for Warzone 2 gameplay, we have selected the right ones for you: Important settings that will make you better in CoD Warzone 2.