Jurassic World: What’s next after the trilogy?

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With the three Jurassic World movies Universal has a lot money earned. After all, all three strips were absolute box-office hits, whether or not which ones we reported on again and again. Accordingly, the question arises as to how the brand will continue in the future. According to current reports, however, it seems as if a fourth film would not be thrown straight after it. So the website The Wrap states that it is within Universal no serious talks about the next yet Jurassic movie have given. According to its own statement, the site relies on insider sources. The question now is which brands will be able to celebrate similar successes in the near future. Comicbookmovie website notes that Colin Trevorrow, the trilogy’s executive producer, has expressed great interest in future Jurassic projects.

Jurassic World and the criticism

The ratings for the trilogy were generally worth seeing. It’s true that none of the three films was able to get absolute top ratings on average, but you could get absolute top ratings flops equally successful in this regard. However, it was noticeable that the ratings for the third film tended to be significantly worse than for the first two trilogy strips. We have also reported on these ratings in the past.