Military Test Zone Adjacent to Knossis Camp – “Sit on a Bomb”

Knossi talks about bombing his 7 vs. wild spot

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

“Sit on a bomb”: Knossi’s location at 7 vs. Wild is in the old military test zone © Knossi/unsplash/pixabay (montage)

Due to old military tests, there are still duds on the island of 7 vs. Wild. And Knossis Spot borders on the danger zone in the jungle.

Panama – The locations of the participants in 7 vs. Wild exude a real holiday feeling, but no matter how fantastic the tropical island in the YouTube series may look, its past is all the darker. Because the American military carried out several chemical weapons tests on the island in the 1940s. It is still suspected that there are duds on the island and Knossi of all people was dropped off in just such a danger zone.

title 7 vs Wild
episodes 16
producer Fritz Meineke
genre YouTube web series
format Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
Subscribers on YouTube 2.14 million (as of November 2022)

7 vs. Wild: Tropical Island Bomb Tests – Knossis location adjacent to test zone

That’s what it’s about: In the behind the scenes of 7 vs. Wild, the organizers of the survival show talk about the island’s dark past. Because while it was already clear to them that the tropical island of Isla de San José in the Gulf of Panama was to be the next venue for 7 vs. Wild, they found out about the chemical weapons tests in the jungle paradise. Even if the tests were several years ago, there are said to be some duds on the island, and of course Knossi did not miss this fact either.

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Knossi in danger zone: Knossi was informed about the military tests before the start of the show, but in his behind-the-scenes reaction video he sees the exact test zones in the jungle for the first time and can’t believe it. His spot borders directly on the danger zone. “I’m right here on the corner. I’m sitting on a bomb”. So the shock of Knossi’s fight for survival in 7 vs. Wild should be almost forgotten.

Knossis Location at 7 vs Wild next to test zone
Knossis Spot (red X) borders test zone © YouTube/DAVE

Even while signing various contracts to ensure that all participants were aware of the dangers on the island, the Twitch star probably had no idea how close his spot really was to the test zone. Knossi is shocked by the new information, but takes it with humor. “Don’t worry, I’m the one who lives in the minefield”.

7 vs. Wild: Knossi in the “mine field” – organizers take no risks

Safety was a priority: Of course, the organizers would not have sent Knossi to the island if there really was a chance of stepping on a dud. In order to be able to ensure this, the organizational team spared no effort. It was discussed with several authorities and journalists until it was clear where exactly the tests were carried out in the jungle.

Although Knossi’s location is close to the test zones of the time, it is far enough away from them not to be exposed to any danger. And if the records are not correct, then it should be an advantage for Knossi that he has had problems fighting his way further into the jungle. In the next episodes of 7 vs. Wild we will find out how Knossi will continue in his self-proclaimed “minefield”. Knossi may have already spoiled his fate at 7 vs. Wild in a live stream.

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