MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass is longer than Season 1

MultiVersus Season 2 is available with big update

It has been reported that the MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass requires twice as much experience as the game’s first Battle Pass.

According to the Multiversus LaisulMV Twitter account, the game’s first battle pass took 47,650 XP to finish, however Season 2 requires 87,450 XP.

The time this will take will vary depending on what challenges are released in the game as the season progresses, however, from now on, earning the same amount of XP that the first Battle Pass would have finished will get players up to level. 42 approx.

The Battle Pass contains four unlockable skins: one is free upon completion of level 50 (Baker Street Tom & Jerry) and the others are unlocked with the paid Premium Battle Pass (Astronaut Velma at level 1, Tea Time Reindog at level 42 and Master Bugs). Bunny at level 50).

Multiversus Season 2 kicked off earlier this week. Added an in-game shop, a big head mode, and various changes to popular characters. Marvin the Martian and a Game of Thrones setting have been confirmed for season 2 of the game.

MultiVersus It is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Be sure to read our review by following this link.

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