Overwatch 2: Blizzard wants to reward frustrated players more

Cartel leader Valeria Garza, played by Maria Elisa Camargo

After the first part of the Hero shooter series still cost ashes and a full price game was, Blizzard has joined at Overwatch 2 for a Free to play model decided. And as a result, there have also been some changes to the progression system, including a significant one annoying battle passfor which you had to gamble for a really long time and which can also be found in the Grind could end. Now the game developer seems to realize that it would do a little less of that and wants to make some changes to the current system that rewards players “more even if they just sit down and play a little”.

Blizzard wants to “reward players more”

“For Season 3 and beyond, we’re looking at a mix of Battle Pass changes, more interesting challenges, and more exciting game-centric progression systems for you all to dig into. We’ll be able to talk about some of these changes soon, but other changes may take longer take a while to get there”recently hired Executive Producer Jared Neuss wrote in a blog post.

The changes to the Battle Pass system are still quite cryptic at the moment and it is not entirely clear what the updates mean. Only one thing is certain: For the second season, which starts in December, all these changes will not be available yet. Only from season three will we be able to “experience” all of this ourselves.

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Meanwhile, in Season Two, each new special event will introduce its own unique skin that can be unlocked simply by playing. Twitch Drops, which give players access to new cosmetics by watching their favorite Overwatch 2 streamers, will also continue to be a part of the game.

Player frustrated with in-game grind

Overwatch 2 did not start without controversy. Not only the scandal surrounding mobile phone numbers, which must be deposited with Blizzard to play, has caused a stir. The fact that new heroes were put behind a paywall in the form of the Battle Pass was also not really cool for many.

Furthermore, the long time it takes to rank the pass and the high prices for many of the skins were not without controversy. And all of this was just the icing on the cake with bugs, glitches and updates that were far too long in coming. Despite all that, that didn’t stand in the way of the hero shooter’s success.

At the moment, Blizzard is working on granting more XP to support players to motivate them to take on this role and reduce wait times. Overwatch 2 is also currently handing out Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko highlight intros for those who log in at specific times over the next week. Blizzard even enabled crossplay aim assist for console players in all modes except competitive, because the blog post said the alternative was a “bad experience.”