Resident Evil 4 Remake comes with microtransactions

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According to the ESRB, it will Remake of the horror and survival game Resident Evil 4 probably with microtransactions be equipped. This emerges from a report by the ESRB, which speaks of “in-game purchases”. In addition, the game, which is expected to be released in March 2023, may have a multiplayer mode include. That would in turn explain the microtransactions, which will probably be mainly in this mode. In addition to rating the game for ages 17+ (M) based on its inclusion of blood, intense violence, and the language, the rating summary also includes a detailed description of the types of weapons that Protagonist Leon S. Kennedy used in combat, from pistols to machine guns, as well as the drastic violence emanating from the attacks by and against Leon.

Microtransactions and multiplayer?

While this is standard for the ESRB, which has been rating games in North America according to age-appropriate content since 1994 and was already described as such in the original, a small mark in the lower left corner of the summary is particularly noticeable: There the talk of “In -Game Purchases (Playstation 4, Xbox Series, Playstation 5”.

What isn’t clear, however, is what these in-game purchases, also known as microtransactions in the gaming community, will entail. The decision to launch the fourth installment in the cult franchise, which has always played more like a traditional shooter than its predecessors, coupled with the fact that Resident Evil 3’s remake included a multiplayer mode, gives at least a hint that that the remake of part four could also include such a mode.

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Then the microtransactions in the game would make more sense than in a pure single-player title. However, Capcom would have to be brave to implement a new multiplayer mode in a Resident Evil. After all, the previous attempts have always flopped quite properly.