Reved and AnniTheDuck separated – streamers announce love off via Twitter

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Reved and AnniTheDuck. © Instagram: AnniTheDuck

AnniTheDuck and Reved are now going their separate ways. The two streamers surprisingly announced the end of their relationship on Twitter.

Madeira – Only a year ago, the two Twitch streamers Reved (Antonia Staab) and AnniTheDuck (Anissa Baddour) made their relationship public and now there is an unexpected separation. The successful women were considered the absolute dream couple on Twitch and were celebrated by their fans. The news of their separation should have been all the more surprising for their followers. On Twitter, the two post a joint statement on the end of their relationship. reveals everything about the separation of Reved and AnniTheDuck.

Antonia and Anissa are among the most successful streamers on Twitch and together they can collect almost 1.8 million followers. When Reved and AnniTheDuck went public with their relationship after several months of secrecy, their fans were over the moon. But now came the sad news: the two streamers will go their separate ways in the future. Reved and AnniTheDuck announced their split on Twitter.

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