Rings of Power Season 2: What Could Happen in Númenor?

Why did Sadoc have to die?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have sometimes positively surprised fantasy fans: Yes, the series from Amazon is not that bad … it also depends on the level of knowledge of the respective viewer. Because die-hard Tolkien fans were probably less sympathetic to the first season of Rings of Power than those viewers who have little or no clue as to the underlying lore. Apart from that, Tolkien nerds can also have fun with Rings of Power – because the series is not bad at all! 6.9 out of 10 points from over 280,000 reviews Imdb for the first season (at Rotten Tomatoes is judged a bit harsher as usual), that’s something to be proud of!

And there will be quite a few fans of the series who will tune in to future episodes as well. All release dates for Rings of Power Season 2 are currently pure speculation, but it can be expected in winter 2023 or spring 2024. We definitely have to wait a while longer. But that’s enough time for us to think about what could happen where in the second season! After all, there is a rough template, namely the work of Tolkien!