RTX 4080: Reddit post successfully denounces price development

RTX 4080: Reddit post successfully denounces price development

from Maximilian Hohm
The PC community has received the RTX 4080 and Nvidia’s pricing with caution. So far, many gamers have avoided the very expensive graphics card and apparently do not agree with the pricing. So read below how our users in the PCGHX forum feel about the RTX 4080 and what price jumps the X80 SKUs have made in recent years.

Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 4080 is currently in a somewhat difficult position. Objectively, there was nothing to complain about in our test with Nvidia’s new high-end graphics card. It delivers a decent performance, the efficiency has increased significantly compared to the Ampere models, the feature set is even better with DLSS 3.0 and 16 GiB graphics memory is a much better equipment than the borderline 10 GiB of the original RTX 3080. But the pricing with an RRP of 1,469 euros, for which not even tickets are currently available, apparently more players than expected were angry.

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In the PCGHX forum we have a survey of the RTX 4080 carried out, which has come to quite clear results. More than half of the survey participants estimate the RTX 4080 as 500 euros too expensive and more than a third of the participants indicated that they want to buy the RTX 4080 if it were to become (significantly) cheaper. Not even one percent of users sees the price as justified.

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This assessment of the community can also be understood on the basis of other factors. All major e-tailers currently have stock items for the RTX 4080. This was not the case with the release of the RTX 4090 and is still regulated with this one. If you look at the price development of the X80 SKUs, you can also see the unfavorable development of the graphics cards, which explains this.

While the Pascal-based GTX 1080, which started the market at the time with virtually no competition, was supposed to cost $599, the prices for the Turing-based RTX 2080, which brought ray tracing for the first time, were increased to $699. That’s where the MSRP stayed for the RTX 3080, which brought a significant boost in performance, before the RTX 4080’s MSRP excluding sales tax increased to $1,199. This puts it in a price segment previously reserved for Titan models and X80Ti SKUs. The cheapest model in the PCGH price comparison is currently 1,499 euros.

Source: PCGHX forum & Reddit