The 5 most disliked dungeons in WotLK Classic and what makes them so annoying

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We wanted to know from you which dungeons you absolutely hate in WotLK Classic. You really can’t stand a few of the instances.

WoW Classic offers a total of 12 dungeons that you can play in normal and heroic difficulty. Four more will be added as the expansion progresses.

In a poll, we wanted to know which dungeon you like the least. As of Friday, November 18 at 12:10 p.m., 2,145 people have participated and cast their votes.

What is striking is that especially shorter and beginner dungeons seem to be popular – although there have been problems with them. Some players are said to have been locked out of the easiest dungeons because their equipment isn’t enough. Places 12 to 6 are accordingly rather close together:

  • 12th place: Utgarde Castle with 12 votes (1%)
  • 11th place: Feste Drak’Tharon with 19 votes (1%)
  • 10th place: Gundrak with 22 votes (1%)
  • 9th place: Turm Utgarde with 28 votes (1%)
  • 8th place: The Nexus with 30 votes (1%)
  • 7th place: Halls of Lightning with 58 votes (3%)
  • 6th place: Ahn’kahet with 62 votes (3%)

The top 5, on the other hand, are by far less popular than the previous places, with a sad leader that over a third of you don’t like.

The dungeons from WotLK caused a lot of nostalgia. The iconic trailer also triggered a melancholic boost:

Launch trailer for WotLK Classic: Pure nostalgia in Northrend

5th place: Azjol-Nerub with 75 votes (3%)

What is this dungeon? In Azjol-Nerub you will meet the Nerubian King Anub’arak, one of the most important servants of the Lich King Arthas. The dungeon is located in the Dragonblight and is one of the first you can enter.

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Why is he so unpopular? Azjol-Nerub is actually a relatively short dungeon with just three bosses and very little trash in between. Presumably that’s why only relatively few votes fall on him.

However, what drives many players crazy again and again is the final boss Anub’arak. He hides three times in the boss fight, becomes unassailable and summons servants who first have to trot slowly.

Since these phases depend on the giant beetle’s life points, they cannot be skipped. Players are locked in time on the platform and must wait for the sluggish adds to reach the arena.

4th place: The Violet Hold with 189 votes (9%)

What is this dungeon? In the Violet Hold, the Kirin Tor have imprisoned some of the most powerful creatures that roam Azeroth – and the Manastorms. But the inmates are causing trouble and you should prevent an escape.

Why is he so unpopular? In itself, the Violet Hold is not particularly difficult, but it is extremely monotonous. You always stand in the same room and defeat enemies that appear from portals. A boss appears regularly that you can clap.

What bothers many players about the dungeon is that you cannot determine the speed yourself. Even if you could kill each group within a second, you would have to wait for the next portal, just like opening the Dark Portal. That gets boring quickly.

3rd place: Culling Stratholme with 309 votes (14%)

What is this dungeon? The Caverns of Time let you delve into Warcraft’s past and experience history live. But you also have to prevent the past from being changed.

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In Culling Stratholme (“HdZ 4”), you will help Prince Arthas “cleanse” the town of Stratholme in an attempt to stop the plague. By the way, in the dungeon there is one of the best transmogs, which is still popular to this day.

Historically, snuffing out Stratholme is tough stuff…

Why is he so unpopular? Stratholme is taking a long time to eradicate. The dungeon itself is big, but in many places you have to wait for Arthas to sneak around the area quite slowly (trying to fight with every enemy in sight).

If someone then forgets to talk to Arthas, nothing happens at first and you wait in vain. In addition, many players are hot for a special mount from the dungeon and can be unfriendly for it:

2 players are kicked out of the group in WotLK Classic before they are allowed to loot – still win every item

2nd place: The Halls of Stone with 592 votes (28%)

What is this dungeon? In the Halls of Stone, dwarf researcher Brann Bronzebeard wants to learn more about the titans and the history of Azeroth. Here the titans left guardians and valuable information.

Why is he so unpopular? Much like the Culling of Stratholme, the Halls of Stone are vast. You fight against tons of trash, which often cannot be skipped and hits you so hard that you cannot play groups together. Inexperienced players in particular need a lot of planning and careful action here or are punished with dozens of deaths.

On top of that, Brann Bronzebeard, like Arthas, keeps reading out role-playing sequences that you have to endure. This happens, among other things, in boss fights, which last even longer, especially with a wipe.

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1st place: The Oculus with 751 votes (35%)

What is this dungeon? The Oculus is part of the Nexus Complex in Coldarra in Borean Tundra. The blue dragonflight rules here and wild magic attracts power-hungry magicians.

Why is he so unpopular? The Oculus is by far the least popular dungeon, although it can actually be mastered in just 15 minutes with a trained group. This is due to the mechanics in the Oculus.

wow wotlk classic oculus icy veins
The Oculus is downright hated because of the layout, among other things. Image source: Icy Veins.

You have to ride through the air with dragons for about half of the dungeon and even fight on them. On the one hand, the constant switching between flying and running is annoying, on the other hand, the division is not very clear: who takes which kite, what skills do we actually need?

In addition, orientation here can be difficult, even for experienced players. Since there is no interactive dungeon map in WotLK yet, you have to read where you are and where you have to go like on a real life map.

Since you sometimes have to kill different enemies in a certain order, it can take a long time until you have found them all. It’s even more annoying when someone loses touch and you have to find each other again. The Oculus is downright hated, so much so that players are even giving up titles just to avoid visiting:

WoW: A dungeon in WotLK Classic is so unpopular that players even forego achievements