The coolest VR room right now is in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The coolest VR room right now is in Tulsa, Oklahoma

from Maximilian Hohm
A very interesting concept for VR gaming is currently being implemented at Aaru, a gaming bar in Oklahoma. To do this, they rely on wireless Vive Focus 3 and a special treadmill from Swedish military experts. Therefore, read more about the setup and the concept of the bar below.

Virtual reality glasses are currently still a cool gimmick, but hardly practical for home use. Many players simply don’t have enough space and the wrongly designed apartment for such experiences and should probably refrain from excessive VR gameplay for the sake of their facility. But there are places that are designed for just such a pastime and offer every opportunity for a good experience. One of them appears to be a VR bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma that’s currently going viral on TikTok.

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It features someone walking around a quirky space while wearing a VR headset. But there seems to be method behind the design and the man is an employee of the establishment, which sees itself as a gaming bar and café. The “Aaru” uses the commercial version of the Omnideck, allowing users to enjoy a full VR experience. You can run, walk or crawl in the rooms and the users should never come into contact with a wall.

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In order to secure this, a safety measure in the form of a harness should be used in the final version, but the concept already seems to be working. The Omnideck is developed by the Swedish manufacturer W5-Solutions, which has more than ten years of experience in realistic military training equipment. The wireless Vive Focus 3 is used as a headset, which was paired with equally wireless controllers.

The big secret of the bar/manufacturer is what custom software is used for this very specific build to ensure seamless cooperation of all hardware elements. However, the big advantage of the hardware used in combination with the bar setting seems to be that the players hardly feel or develop nausea from the setup. However, time will tell whether the combination of bar and VR experience is conceptually a good idea, the current popularity of the video clip would already speak for it.

Source: PC gamer & tik tok