WoW: Dragonflight: Will the treasury soon have a catch-up mechanic?

<strong>WoW Dragonflight:</strong>  Dracthyr - This is how the start with the new race looks like (59)

One of the big focus points of WoW: Dragonflight is its twink friendliness. The developers leave hardly a stone unturned in the upcoming expansion when it comes to making life easier for the second and third characters. Associate Game Director Morgan Day also spoke about this in an interview with Liquid guild leader Max. He dropped an interesting “What if…” sentence, which not only immediately perked up Max’s ears.

The starting point of the statement was the change in game philosophy at Blizzard. Instead of always offering the players an incentive to continue playing with the various systems, Dragonflight has no problem with the characters eventually being “finished”.

Instead of always sticking a tiny carrot in front of the main character, players should now spend their time on an alt without feeling guilty that the main is missing out. The developers have introduced a whole range of mechanics for this – such as the inspiration catalyst. We can use it to craft tier set items in Dragonflight, but the charges from these are account-wide usable.