3 things you should do now in WoW before Dragonflight comes out next week

3 things you should do now in WoW before Dragonflight comes out next week

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Dragonflight, is coming soon. MeinMMO tells you what else you should do in the last full week before release.

What tips can I find here? We’ll give you a little help with activities that you can or should do in preparation for Dragonflight if you want to get started.

The tips are particularly suitable for players with little time or those who don’t know what else there is to do at the moment. We also tell you which content will disappear with the release of Dragonflight and which you will then no longer be able to get.

Dragonflight will be released on Tuesday November 29th. So you now have exactly one full week to prepare for the release.

In our special you will find all information about the new WoW expansion Dragonflight. We have included the launch trailer for you here:

WoW: Epic cinematic for Dragonflight sweeps the players away – fans shout: “Goosebumps”

1. Level up your characters

On the Internet, experts, fans and guide authors almost unanimously agree that leveling is currently the best investment of your time. This is partly due to the fact that you can currently level up faster than ever before.

The most experienced players can get to level 60 in just over 3 hours, but even without much preparation, leveling is extremely fast right now. The new Pre-Event “Primal Storms” provides your characters with tons of experience:

You can easily reach level 60 in one night, even with a new character. If you still have a few 50s from Battle for Azeroth on your account, it will of course be even faster. And you’ll get usable gear at level 252 as well.

With second characters in Dragonflight, you have the option of switching to other classes if you don’t like the way your class plays or the strength of your class. You can also do more of the revised professions yourself and get gold more easily.

In addition, leveling will now help you get to know the new talent trees for all classes. You don’t have to laboriously read every talent in Dragonflight, you know which class can do what. This also helps you in PvP, for example.

2. Get mounts and achievements that will disappear soon

With the release of Dragonflight, some content will disappear completely from the game and will not return, or only later at an undisclosed date. However, some of the achievements and rewards can still be earned, and sometimes quite easily. Here is a selection:

  • Meta-achievement Back From Beyond and title Shroudwalker for completing various achievements in the campaign. You can find the listing at wowhead.
  • Restoration Deathwalker mount for the Keystone Master of Shadowlands: Season 4 achievement. You need a Mythic+ score of 2,000 for this.
  • Jigglesworth Sr. mount for the Shadowlands Destiny Raids achievement, which requires you to beat all Shadowlands raids on Destiny mode on Normal or higher.
  • Carcinized Zereth Stag mount from the Jailer on Heroic Difficulty or higher via a quest item.
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If you’re also playing Wrath of the Lich King Classic in addition to Shadowlands, be sure to play the Death Knight starting quest there by November 28th. You can easily get a fancy mount, the frostbrood protowyrm:

You can get a new mount in WoW, but you have to play Classic for that

There are some rewards or non-reward achievements via raids and PvP that go away with Dragonflight, such as “We Are All Made of Stardust” on Rygelon on Heroic difficulty or higher.

Additionally, mounts from Shadowlands Mythic raids will be harder to obtain with Dragonflight. Sylvanas’ Revenge and Jailer’s Zereth Warden no longer have a 100% chance of dropping with the release of Dragonflight. In addition, there is only one mount and not two.

3. Tidy up pockets and bank compartments

With Dragonflight you will again get heaps of new materials and loot from enemies in the new areas. Therefore, tidy up your bags and bank compartments now on all the characters you want to play.

If you don’t have to sell items all the time, you save time when leveling and don’t lose track of things so quickly. Cleaning up also has the benefit of sorting out old stuff that you might be able to easily turn into gold now, but not later – such as materials from Shadowlands.

While you’re at it, it’s best to upgrade all bags and bank spaces with 32-space containers at the same time. They are usually available for around 300 gold each in the auction house, depending on the server, but provide comfortable inventory space. In any case, make sure to secure the additional 20-slot bag for reagents in the pre-event, which simply expands your inventory.

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When you sell your old stuff on the auction house, also look for useful leveling items. For example, goblin gliders can shorten your first few hours until you learn to ride dragons, and rocket boots are always an advantage. You will soon find a guide with tips for faster leveling here on MeinMMO.

In preparation, we can also provide you with more information about Dragonflight’s features. Our latest interview with the developers is about the endgame, lore and UI of the new expansion:

Interview with WoW Developer: “Dragonflight features will forever improve the future of WoW”