7 vs. Wild Season 2: First emergencies in the organizational team – what happened?

7 vs. Wild Notfälle im Team

Even before the second season started filming 7 vs Wild Fritz announced in an Instagram story that it two emergencies with the organization team gave. These have called for the deployment of the medical team. Until recently it was not clear what exactly happened.

The latest episode of Behind the Scenes series brings light into the darkness. And just the first bet has it quite in itself. Fritz said even then that it was worse than the worst of season one. So what happened?

“Incision wound!”: Johannes has to have an operation

Before the candidates came to the island, the teams had to organize themselves. Among other things, the objects photographed been. there is Fritz Machete washed away in the water (which later explains the rust). When diving afterwards, the Machete unsheathed.

Exactly at that moment Johannes reached for it. Yet he has caught in the sharp blade and cut his thumb deeply. The wound had to be treated on site by the medical team to be operated on. she is well healed and Johannes can move his thumb again. A spontaneous and successful Exercise for the lifeguards.

Emergency two: The drone was the culprit

The emergency was from all teams rehearsed several times. The time between the emergency call and the helicopter taking off must be minimized. The procedure in such a case MUST fit perfectly. A practice session was filmed to capture shots for the series and intro.

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It comes as it had to come. Max cuts himself while catching the drone. Middle and ring fingers have one slight cut suffered. No Code Red, but one again good exercise for the medical team.

Both of the injured are doing well. They have no permanent damage retained and can meanwhile laugh at the mishaps.