A YouTuber uses his gaming PC to cook up a feast, serving up turkey and side dishes

The YouTuber Basically Homeless is known for crazy projects. In his latest video, he prepares a turkey inside his gaming PC.

Who is the person you are talking about? The YouTuber “Basically Homeless” is known for building crazy PC setups. Already 4 years ago he got a lot of attention because he played the tactical shooter Rainbow: Six Siege with unusual things like a steering wheel and pedals, a “Wii Fit” board or bongos (via YouTube).

In November 2021, the YouTuber converted a refrigerator into a gaming PC before turning his toilet into a gaming PC in August 2022. In the American’s most recent video, he took on the challenge of preparing Thanksgiving dinner with a gaming PC.

Vacuum cooking in the gaming PC

How did he prepare the feast? In order to be able to prepare a Thanksgiving meal with a gaming PC, the YouTuber installed a container inside the PC. The container is filled with a liquid that is heated during the game.

He packs the individual ingredients in an airtight plastic bag and then cooks them in the liquid container at low temperatures. The biggest problem with the preparation was the turkey meat, since a certain temperature had to be reached in order to cook the meat.

But the YouTuber didn’t give up and, according to his own statement, heeded a requirement from the American government, which states that turkey meat must be cooked at a minimum of 137 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. 58 degrees Celsius) for 2 hours continuously.

During the preparation, “Basically Homeless” played games like PUBG and Apex Legends. You can see the entire project in his video on YouTube:

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Basically Homeless’ project in his video on YouTube

The taste test follows at the end of the video – the turkey is served, including the side dishes. As for the edibility of his feast, the YouTuber says it’s not the best, but it’s edible. The preparation is definitely exceptional.

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