Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation brings Egyptian operator to Swedish wilderness

Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation brings Egyptian operator to Swedish wilderness

In December, Battlefield 2042 enters the third round. The new season is called “Escalation” and brings a new map, a new operator and many other innovations into play. Tomorrow, November 22nd, the time has already come.

The Swedish map “Spearhead” offers you a mixture of rough wilderness and factory buildings. Due to the different terrain there are many tactical possibilities and good arguments for each type of weapon. There are hills, rocks, rivers, doors that open automatically, and open terrain. My highlight are the moving machines in the weapon factories, which you can misuse and let them carry you a few meters.

This is certainly clever in the rarest of cases, since you don’t get any advantage from it and you almost appear as if you’re on a salver, but it’s incredibly funny – at least the first time and especially in the company of other players. In a quiet minute and really only if you can afford it, I recommend you give it a try and forget about the bloody battlefield for two or three seconds. The cool climate and the gray factories exude little cheerfulness away from this little jaunt.

The new operator comes from Egypt this time. Zain is a security expert and can blow enemies out of their cover with his gadget, the Air Burst Rifle. A particularly tactical tool that could give you a great advantage if used wisely. Finding the right timing and the right opponents to cover isn’t always easy. Both of his legs were amputated during a deployment in the Egyptian military and replaced with modern prostheses. Once Zain kills a target, he regenerates life. So this ability is especially good when you are.

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New weapons include the fast Rorsch Mk-4 railgun, the compact double-barreled NVK-S22 semi-automatic smart shotgun and the long-barreled NVK-P125 bullpup pistol, which can also cover long distances well. A new tank, the EMKV90-TOR, can also be driven and mastered in Season 3. It has a fast mobility mode and a siege mode in which the tank becomes much slower but all the more deadly.

Of course, a new Battle Pass is also coming into play and a few map reworks are also pending. For example, Manifest and Upheaval will change and improve throughout the season. Manifest aims to provide more cover and center the action a little more. The radio station is also destroyed, the number of cranes reduced and the light optimized. Upheaval gets new paths, a POI in an ice cave, fewer vehicles and a simpler layout.

It is particularly interesting that Battlefield 2042 will give you free access to the shooter from Season 3 onwards on certain dates. Players on PC and Xbox can already get a taste of it on December 1st. The first free trial period runs until December 5th. PlayStation players can play for free between December 16th and December 23rd.

Escalation, Season 3 of Battlefield 2042, launches on November 22nd on all platforms.

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