Bayonetta 3: Game Director is already hinting at successors

Bayonetta 3: Game Director is already hinting at successors

Hideki Kamiya, Game Director of Bayonetta 3 at Platinum Games, is already giving the first indications of a possible fourth part. He also comments on the controversial end of part 3.

Less than a month ago, the third installment in the series was released, which caused controversy for some time due to confusing statements made by Bayonetta’s voice actor, Hellena Taylor. But Kamiya is looking to the future and is already talking about Bayonetta 4 on Twitter, while again referring to the current offshoot.

Bayonetta 4: The end of the third part should be more comprehensible

For a while now, Bayonetta 3 fans have had mixed feelings about the outcome of the game. Some players were not really satisfied with the ending, also because it might have been misleading for them at first glance. Without giving any further details, Kamiya explains via Twitter that the end of part 3 and the beginning of the fourth part shouldn’t surprise attentive fans and should shed some more light into the darkness.

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