Black Friday at MediaMarkt: The Xbox Series S is now available at the best price

Cover image Xbox Series S

In addition to the PS5, which is still hard to come by, and the Xbox Series X, which fortunately is much better available, the third instance of the current generation of consoles is often forgotten: the Xbox Series S. Perhaps one or the other can be convinced by the console, if it only costs €222, just like at MediaMarkt.

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Grab the Xbox Series S now for €222

That’s how good the Xbox Series S is

Some console enthusiasts might be put off by the fact that the Xbox Series S is the smaller version of the current Microsoft consoles – because smaller often means weaker, right? While it’s true that the Xbox Series S hardware differs from the Series X, that doesn’t mean it’s “weak” by any means. On the contrary: all games of the current generation of consoles run excellently on both consoles.

Let’s get straight to the differences: the Xbox Series S has one by default 512GB SSD, while the Series X has a 1 TB hard drive installed. Stupid right? Not really, because You can expand the memory of both consoles as you like. What about the computing power? Here, too, the difference sounds dramatic at first: The Xbox Series X manages an impressive 12 teraflops, the Xbox Series S “only” 4. Admittedly, the larger console is a bit faster, but the biggest effect of this is that you don’t on the Series S can play in native 4K. Of course, this is only noticeable if you’re also playing on a 4K TV, but there’s at least 4K upscaling here too.

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Of course, you don’t have to do without the popular Xbox controller either!

Last but not least, you unfortunately have to do without a drive with the Series S, and that’s where the differences stop. Ray tracing and 120 FPS easily packs the Xbox Series S, Loading times are short and you can quickly switch between games – what more could you want from a console? Speaking of games: As already mentioned, you can also play all games for the Series X on the smaller console. Thanks to backward compatibility You will also keep all Xbox One games that you bought from the Xbox Store.

If you want, you can still subscribe to Xbox Game Pass (€9.99/month) and get access to hundreds of games, some of which are free every month. An EA Play membership will also soon be included in the subscription. So you shouldn’t get bored anytime soon.

Here you can find the small star console at MediaMarkt