Co-op game on Steam has 89% positive reviews and is just €5 with a few hours left on the offer

Co-op game on Steam has 89% positive reviews and is just €5 with a few hours left on the offer

The game Biped has 89% positive reviews on Steam. You play two robots in co-op and solve different tasks. The game has just been reduced by 60% and currently costs €4.99. The offer is valid until November 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

What game is Biped? The game is a puzzle-adventure game with co-op mode, in which two little robots are the main characters. You play through different levels and have to work together to solve various puzzles.

What is Biped about? You play the two robots “Aku” and “Sila” who want to save the earth. Several beacons on the planet have been turned off and you need to turn them on again.

Here’s a gameplay trailer for Biped:

Biped – Official Gameplay Trailer

Work together to solve the tasks

What is the gameplay like in Biped? The game mechanics in the game are a bit special: you control the two legs of the robot using the two mouse buttons and can thus perform various actions: walking, gliding, driving or sawing.

The focus of the game is the coordination and cooperation of the two robots to complete the levels. You have to coordinate the movements, for example to activate the appropriate platforms and solve the tasks.

The game world provides you with different environments: forests, valleys, waterfalls or mountain landscapes.

Biped is manageable in terms of gameplay time. Players write in the reviews that it took them anywhere from 2 to 7 hours to complete it. The game is therefore particularly suitable as a small casual game for an evening with friends.

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As the game progresses, you can collect treasures and exchange them for items such as a hat for your robot.

How does multiplayer work in Biped? You can play the game in local co-op or with another person online. The game can also be mastered alone, but co-op is increasingly recommended both in the descriptions by the developers and in the reviews.

How do players rate Biped? The game performs very well on Steam. Out of a total of 4,303 user reviews, 89% are positive (as of November 21, 2022, via Steam).

Positive reviews praise Biped as a nice game that is especially fun in co-op with another person and is also well suited for children. For example, User Tokey_the_Bear writes:

My little brother talked me into playing it, it looked a bit silly but what the heck.

Probably the best $15 I’ve spent on a short game. It took us 6.2 hours to complete it, but it was fun at every step.

I’ve never played a game with this kind of coordination, it was incredibly fun to learn. $15 was definitely worth the 6 hours of fun, laughs, puzzles and time I spent with my brother.

Kudos to game developers. Thank you for this experience.

I have never rated a game before. I appreciate the time I was able to spend with my brother playing this game. If you’re thinking of playing this game, then do it.

via Steam

The brevity of the game is criticized in several negative reviews. For some, the amount of content offered is too little for the price and, according to their statement, they played through the game too quickly.

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Technical problems are also sometimes cited as the reason for the poor rating.

How much does Biped cost? The game is currently on sale on Steam. Instead of €12.49, it costs 60% less and thus €4.99. However, the discount is only available for a few hours until November 22, 2022 at 7 p.m.

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