CoD Warzone 2: How to get a Nuke – How to destroy the whole map

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Nukes are the absolute super weapon in Call of Duty. In the new CoD Warzone 2 it takes several steps to earn a nuclear weapon. We provide you with instructions on how to get a nuke, which mission you have to play and which symbols on the map are important for this.

Nukes are a killstreak in Call of Duty that allows you to win in one hit. If you want to get hold of a nuclear weapon in the new CoD Warzone 2, you have to fulfill a specific order and collect several components.

A group of Twitch streamers ignited the first nuke over Al Mazrah in CoD Warzone 2.

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How to get a nuke in Warzone 2

Which criteria have to be met? You can’t get the nukes in Warzone 2 in every match, but only in certain rounds by activating and fulfilling a special order. For this you have to take the following steps:

  • Win 5 games in a row
  • Activate the mission “Champions Quest”.
  • Collect 3 components and bring them to the Nuke’s location
  • Assemble Nuke inside a timer with components
  • Defend the Nuke’s location before defusing

Activate Champions Quest

How do I activate the special order? The first step is to get a win streak of 5 games in Battle Royale to unlock the contract.

What is this order? The quest you can use to earn nukes is called: “Champions Quest”.

At the start of the quest, you will need 3 components to assemble the Nuke. You can find these distributed using the symbols in the map. You have a fixed time window in which you can collect the items. The timer for this is on the left.

Pay attention to the golden symbols in the map

What do you have to consider when collecting the components? If you go hunting for the nuke parts, you have to reckon with a greater disadvantage with each collected component.

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The moment you add the first item for the Nuke to the inventory, the enemies will see you on the map.

The 2nd component distributes damage to the player himself who is carrying the item, but also to the team members who are nearby.

If you pick up the 3rd part, your map will be disrupted.

What happens when I have all the ingredients? Once you have all 3 components together, the Prison Break event begins. Any players who are already down but still in the match are brought back into the game.

With the beginning of the 4th gas circuit you will receive information about the location of the nuke.

You add the components and then it takes a while to arm the bomb. In the time you have to defend the bomb site. At this point, however, you will no longer be negatively affected by the components and your disadvantages will disappear.

Once that’s done, the bomb site will be displayed on the map. Your opponents now have a total of 2 minutes to thwart you and defuse the nuke.

What does the nuke bring? If your opponents don’t manage to defuse the nuke within the 2 minute window, the entire map will blow up and you emerge as the winner of the match.

How to get a nuke in CoD Modern Warfare 2? In CoD Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode, you can earn the nukes by getting 30 kills in a row.

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