Corsair: Custom 12VHPWR cable for current modular power supplies

Corsair: Custom 12VHPWR cable for current modular power supplies

from Maximilian Hohm
Corsair now offers its own sleeved cables with 12VHPWR connectors, which make Nvidia’s adapters obsolete. It is not certain whether the risk of fire can be reduced as a result, but at least the connector can be bent less and the cables can be ordered in colors to match the rest of the PC. Read more about this below.

Nvidia’s 12VHPWR connector has caused quite a stir in recent times. The connection, introduced for the first time on the Geforce RTX 3090 Ti, enables a power consumption of 600 watts with a significantly more compact plug than the previous eight-pin sockets. While the official specification of the connector is sufficient, there are nevertheless massive problems in practice. There are more and more reports of burned Nvidia graphics cards. The RTX 4090 variants are always at least scorched in the region of the connector and in some cases completely unusable.

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So far, Nvidia has reacted rather cautiously and is continuing to check, while the cards of affected customers are being examined in RMA processes. Corsair’s power supply expert Johnny Guru and Steve Burke from Gamers Nexus, on the other hand, came to the conclusion after long tests that the error is mostly caused by the users themselves through imperfect insertion in combination with bent cables or remains in the socket.

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Corsair now also offers custom cables that can be used with existing Corsair power supplies so that you can at least do without the adapter. They are compatible with many of the manufacturer’s current modular power supply models. Whether your model is supported, you can at Corsair check yourself. The cables are fully sleeved and customers can choose from black, white, red-black and white-black. A cable costs $29.99 from Corsair. So far, however, the cables are not yet available, but there is already a listing in the PCGH price comparison.

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