Doctor Who: The New Doctor now also has a new Companion

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from Susan Brown
When the 15th Doctor is allowed to drive the TARDIS in the BBC cult series Doctor Who, 2024 is likely to be the day, he will also be traveling through time and space with a new companion. The new Companion has now been presented.

Possibly in 2024, the 15th Doctor will be released at the controls of the TARDIS, then portrayed by actor Ncuti Gatwa. Before that, in 2023 and the 60th anniversary of the BBC’s cult British series, someone else will step into their shoes, who is no stranger to this actor – as part of three anniversary specials, the 14. Incarnation of the Doctor by an old acquaintance played.

But when he then hangs up the Doctor’s mantle, it’s Gatwa’s turn as Fifteen, and as a Doctor, like every incarnation before him, he needs a companion at his side, to whom he not only has the universe and different epochs can show our world, but also grounds him. And the 15th Doctor’s companion has now been officially revealed.

Meet Ruby Sunday

Rwandan-British actor Ncuti Gatwa with heaps of Scottish flair is joined by teenage actress Millie Gibson, it was announced on November 20, 2022. Gibson takes on the role of Ruby Sunday and is best known for her roles on UK shows Jamie Johnson and Coronation Street. She just won the British Soap Award for Best Young Actor 2022 this year.

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