Extreme Aggressive Sims in The Sims 4 Patch has been postponed

First look at The Sims 5?  - EA unveils Project Rene!  (1)

Have your Sims been more aggressive and unfriendly than usual lately? That’s for a reason. The Sims 4 is currently struggling with an issue that is causing this exact behavior. Actually, the Maxis team wanted the problem with one last week patch fix it – but it didn’t happen. Via Twitter the developers announced that fans are still a little bit longer have to be patient. However, it doesn’t take too long.

Update planned for December

The tweet says that you already the beginning of December want to release the patch. Then Sims should no longer – for no reason – have an aggressive mood. However, those responsible have not yet given an exact date for the update. Incidentally, The Sims 4 has only been available for a few weeks completely free be played. EA has that Main game as Free-2-Play version made available. The many extensions still cost money.

The Sims 5 is on the way

A few weeks ago, Maxis revealed with Project René then the sequel to The Sims 4 (buy now €5.92 ). However, fans should not expect an early release. The title is still in development. a first playtest but it has happened recently. However, not everything went smoothly here either. The file was cracked and published on the internet. In our article at that time you will get more details on the topic.

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