God of War Fans Want Next Game to Focus on Aztec or Mayan Mythology

God of War Fans Want Next Game to Focus on Aztec or Mayan Mythology, GamersRD

With the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the ancient Mayan or Aztec culture has made its way into the public consciousness.

The popularity of Namor and the underwater kingdom of Talocan has many God of War players suddenly clamoring for a sequel set in the Mesoamerican world. In this sequel, hypothetically, Atreus would explore a deeply intriguing mythology that has rarely been given the love and attention it deserves, and the potential in him still remains untapped.

The topic was addressed by Comfort-Science4 on the official God of War games subreddit, and received a lot of support from the community at large. While it would be fun to have Atreus take on the Feathered Serpents of Central America, the game seems to imply a different direction for the God of War franchise that may cast an even wider net.

A new game in an Aztec-Mayan mythology would be cool AF desde GodofWar

With the confirmation of Mimir’s true identity in God of War: Ragnarök, some players are also speculating that a possible pivot of the Scandinavian setting could be Celtic mythology, though it would seem that most players would prefer Japan, Egypt, and Mesoamerica.

Although it’s too early to say where the Santa Monica franchise will take, Ragnarok has ensured that the God of War franchise will stick around for many years to come.


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