God of War Ragnarök: How to Defeat the Flame Phantom Boss in Muspelheim (Solution)

God of War Ragnarök: Flammen-Phantom besiegen in Muspelheim (Lösung, Guide)

Among all the creatures and gods that Kratos in God of War Ragnarok must combat are also those that are difficult to stuff into one category. Like this Flame Phantomthe fiery cousin of the Frost Phantomswhich you once found in Midgard during the mission The Word of Destiny had to fight.

The Flame Phantom, on the other hand, is waiting in Muspelheim on you during your main mission The incantation pursues that directly seek solace connects. In search of the fire giant surtr this shapeless creature stands in your way and must be fought, thanks to our solution but it will be very easy.

God of War Ragnarök: Defeat Flame Phantom in Muspelheim (Solution)

As Kratos and Atreus move through the inhospitable and highly dangerous world of Muspelheim, they will sooner or later reach an open area where they can deal with this boss God of War Ragnarok get to do. The being’s approach to combat is similar to this Frost Phantomso shouldn’t have too many surprises in store for you.

As with its otherworldly cousin, so does this one boss fightdodge the attacks and as long hit the core, until the phantom briefly loses its power. Then the time has come to tidy up one of the three monoliths the source of the Flame Phantom’s power.

  • punch combination: The Flame Phantom first smacks you horizontally with one of its tentacles, followed by a vertical smack on the ground. Parry the first blow and you have nothing more to fear. However, keep in mind that the boss can combine this attack with other attacks, which means you have to keep your distance and completely avoid the combo.
  • Heavy Magma Strike: Similar to the above attack, but drenched in magma. Be sure to dodge this attack as it can break through your block and leave you vulnerable to follow-up attacks that are definitely coming.
  • Lava Strike: The Flame Phantom launches two high hits with its tentacles, which are unblockable and deal very high burning damage to Kratos. Definitely dodge to the side.
  • Lava Geyser: This boss can create nearby geysers that work like mines. Keep an eye on where these things are and avoid them so you don’t accidentally dodge into them.
  • Magma Shockwave: If the phantom spins around itself as a sphere, a hot shock wave follows, but you can easily block it.
  • Lava Quake: If the Flame Phantom collects energy in the ground, it will launch an unblockable attack that deals massive burning damage. If you see the red ring, keep your distance as far as your feet can carry you.
  • Magma Wave: Another attack you can’t block. The phantom deforms into a kind of wave and comes towards Kratos to deliver a burning blow. If you see the boss approaching, dodge to the side and avoid the attack.
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This boss is easiest when you defeat him from a distance with the Leviathan Axe fought. Hit its core until the stun bar filled and then hit one of the monoliths until it breaks. Two of the monoliths are clearly visible, the third is standing behind a rock formation.

With the sources of its power destroyed, a single attack on the Flame Phantom’s core is enough to defeat it once and for all. You will receive 40x Broken Rune, one frost flame1x Brilliant Alloy, 1x Asgardian Ingot, 1x Petrified Bone, 25x Compound Leather and the Rune Attack Vindsvalr’s windstorm.