God of War Ragnarök: Path of Destruction – Lure and Defeat the Cinderhorn in Vanaheim (Walkthrough)

God of War Ragnarök: Pfad der Zerstörung, Schlackehorn besigen (Guide, Lösung)

Kratos needs to get in God of War Ragnarok many powerful and sometimes grotesque creatures in battle, such as the slaghorna dragon-like creature that you get in the course of the favor path of destruction encountered and who can put up quite a fight if you push it into a corner.

This optional task in the action-adventure begins as soon as you reach the territory of the land dragon in the west of the Jungle of Vanaheim have entered. The easiest way to reach the appropriate place is if you are in the course of the favor A deer for all seasons Visit Dvalinn and continue following the course of the path.

God of War Ragnarök: Path of Destruction – Lure the Land Dragon Walkthrough

Follow the suspicious footprints in the jungle and you will reach a place where you can go to the Entrance to the dragon territory can squeeze through. The favor starts automatically once you’re on the other side. In the hiding place itself you let yourself into the easily recognizable ones Elevator fall, where you must immediately take action with the axe.

Throw the ax now on the switchto raise the surrounding grate, then immediately recalls the weapon and throws it at the exposed one gear, where you leave them stuck for the time being. Unfortunately, if you recall the Leviathan Ax too soon, you will have to repeat this part of the puzzle.

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Now exit the elevator again and you’ll have time to investigate some other stuff. You’ll find the rune on the wall to the right city ​​of opportunities and in the hallway to the southeast a Legendary Chest, the a Yggdrasil Gem houses. Grab the treasure and then go to the gate behind which some smaller enemies are already lurking.

These creatures serve you now as a lure for the land dragonso let them follow you and make sure that at least one of them in the elevator area located. Then, recall your ax and pull the chain to raise the platform. Now you have bait for your prey, the up in their burrow waits.

God of War Ragnarök: Path of Destruction – Defeat the Land Dragon Walkthrough

So you caught a beast in the elevator and sent it up a floor as a sacrifice? Good. Then now is the time to go outside through the opened gate and follow the path to the left, up the ledge, and back into the part of the jungle you already know. Follow the path back to kite building.

You may already know these types of beings by accident Trembling Hollow in God of War Ragnarokwhere her named it with a land dragon rock pine got to do. The Slaghorn fight is relatively similar, so don’t expect any big surprises, although there are small differences.

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Most of the attacks from this behemoth are relatively harmless, as they can be easily blocked or parried. Only the Attack with his tail is quite tricky to parry, but the Land Dragon attacks too slowly for simply blocking this attack and living with the short stagger to be a problem.

It only becomes really problematic when your opponent rears up slightly, because then one follows unblockable attack forward, which you should definitely dodge to the side, since this use of the tusks is a relatively high range Has. And when the dragon has lost some life energy, it attacks a little more often and faster.

Dodge the scale shot whenever your companion uses the phrase Watch out for the scales warns of this attack and at best stays at a distance. The Slaghorn is easy to spot from a distance via spear and ax throws if you often fall into the side of your opponent. This takes a little longer, but is therefore all the safer.

If the monster falls to the ground, this favor comes to an end and Kratos can look forward to the fruits of his labors. Grab 2x Dragon Tooth, 15x Purified Crystal, the Amulet Charm Stronger Recovery Essence and 1x dragon claw. Also, the silver trophy belongs invasive species now you.