GTA Online: Rockstar adjusts regulations for roleplaying servers

GTA Online: Rockstar adjusts regulations for roleplaying servers

from Rhonda Bachman
In GTA Online, the role-playing servers are particularly popular. The Rockstar developers have now adjusted their rules for these special servers. The company stated that it allows and supports the RP servers for GTA Online. However, a limit should be drawn in the case of “commercial exploitation”.

In GTA Online, role-playing is popular with many players. On special servers, users devote themselves completely to their character and live it out together with like-minded people. Some popular streamers are also dedicated to the GTA role-playing game and entertain their viewers with mostly abstruse stories. Now the Rockstar developers have also reported on the subject and adjusted their official regulations for the role-playing servers.

Rockstar with limitations for RP servers

Rockstar stated that it supports RP servers and wishes them to continue to thrive. Nevertheless, certain restrictions would be introduced to prevent third parties from earning money with Grand Theft Auto 5. This aligns the guidelines for RP servers with those of single player mods for GTA 5

The studio is primarily concerned with the new rules about the misuse of existing trademarks and brands. In addition, they also want to take action against “commercial exploitation”. Rockstar wants to prevent any RP server from importing or abusing any of its brands or games, as well as other real-world brands, characters or music. Servers must not interfere with Rockstar’s official multiplayer or online services, nor should they offer new games, stories, missions, or maps.

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Server owners are also prohibited from selling any type of service. This includes selling loot boxes for real or in-game currency, using cryptocurrencies or NFTs, or any other form of commercial exploitation that could generate revenue through sponsorships. With many of GTA Online’s most popular RP servers funded in large part by player donations, there are concerns about what else is allowed under Rockstar’s new policy.

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