Hideki Kamiya mentions Bayonetta 4 and explains why the new part will surprise you

Hideki Kamiya mentions Bayonetta 4 and explains why the new part will surprise you

Hideki Kamiya hints at the development of Bayonetta 4. On October 28, 2022, the third part was released, which was a long-standing topic on social media due to the controversy with the voice actress. Bayonetta’s voice, Hellena Taylor, claimed that she had received a bad offer for the third part. However, it turned out that she had twisted the truth and developer Platinum Games contradicted her statement.

Bayonetta 4 will surprise you

Be that as it may, the third part was successful and as is the case with successful titles, a new title is usually not far away. In a tweet, Kamiya explains that he wants to explain the ending of Bayonetta 3 in a fourth part. The community wasn’t quite unanimous on how to find the outcome of the game. The controversial ending itself could also point to a next part.

“I didn’t think it was anything unexpected… but the last part of Bayo 3 doesn’t seem to have come across well to anyone,” Kamiya said, saying that the next game will feature an “unexpected development” in the franchise. When Bayo 4 comes out, I’m sure there will be people who will say, ‘You added that after the fact’, so I’m going to say it now…”

If we look at the development time of the third part like this, it should still be a few years before we can experience Kamiya’s surprising twist that awaits us in the fourth part. It almost seems as if Kamiya wants to warn the fans after the end of the last part that the fourth Bayonetta game could be very different from the previous games. At the very least, Bayonetta 4 will have some elements that fans don’t expect. According to Kamiya, anyone who didn’t like the third part should consider whether the franchise is really the right thing for him or her.

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The development itself has not started yet and Kamiya is not really concrete. So everything is still open and an official announcement and the first trailers remain to be seen.