Mario Kart 8: Third Wave Booster Track Pass is coming in December

Mario Kart 8: Third Wave Booster Track Pass is coming in December

Nintendo keeps its promise: The third wave of the booster track pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be released this year. It starts in just over two weeks.

More specifically, starting December 7th, the engines will be allowed to start if you are the owner of the Booster Track Pass. Then, as with the waves before, eight additional tracks await you for Mario Kart 8, which Nintendo will briefly and concisely present with the help of a trailer.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: What tracks are in wave 3?

As usual, the package mainly consists of routes that you already know from other parts of the series. There are no completely new drafts this time, as was the case last time in wave 2. Nevertheless, the DLC is impressive in terms of variety:

The third DLC of the Booster Track Pass begins in the Forest of Leaves, a track from Mario Kart Wii. Despite the rather wintry weather at the moment, very autumnal colors and one or the other nasty obstacle await you there. It then continues in the Rainbow Boulevard from Mario Kart 7, where you shouldn’t fall down, as is typical of the route – there aren’t many gangs here.

After that, it’s pretty much back in time, because Buu Huu Valley is from Mario Kart Super Circuit, which originally appeared on the Game Boy Advance. You will meet some spirits named Gerecht there. After the somber excursion, the banana peels then fly in cobblestones of Berlin, a route from the mobile offshoot Mario Kart Tour, including a visit to the subway.

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The second part of the DLC is Mountain Path from Mario Kart 7, Peach’s Castle Garden from Mario Kart DS, and London Tour and Mountain Shear, both from Mario Kart Tour.

More waves will follow in 2023

While the third wave of the Track Pass now arrives on December 7th, it doesn’t stop there. Three more waves are to follow by the end of 2023, each of which will also include 8 routes. Exact dates and content are still unknown.

Given the pace of releases so far, however, the release of wave 4 can be expected in March or April 2023, with the other two waves following at some point thereafter.

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