Philips Hue almost half price on Black Friday at Saturn

Philips Hue almost half price on Black Friday at Saturn

Of the Black Friday starts at Saturn earlier. You can now buy countless products cheaper. But which offers are really worthwhile?

Check out all week Stop by to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the all-important Black Friday bargains. Worth it!

Black Friday at Saturn: Smart Home

In addition to numerous technical products, the products from Philips are particularly popular. Especially the smart home products from Philips Hue did it to the customers. But why actually?

With Philips Hue you can your gaming room design it how you want it. The technology takes care of the necessary light ambiencesince it allows basically every conceivable color variation.

And if it’s not supposed to be the gaming room, the clever lights are even used throughout Apartment as a stylish atmosphere. You decide!

Smart home on offer: Philips Hue and a cheap alternative

If you’ve decided to save wisely on Black Friday, stand smart home components possibly on your list. The popular products from are only available for a short time Philips Hue cheaper.

That is too expensive for me: Save even more? This works out! If you up cheaper smart home devices If you want to fall back on it, there are of course cheaper brands than Philips. But note that experience has shown that the software does not run quite so smoothly here and there. This is unfortunately the case with some versions of the cheaper manufacturers. In this regard, you are on the safest side with Philips.

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An alternative to Philips Hue? Have a look here:

There are one or the other chic alternative, especially for gaming fans. Among them, for example, the popular ones Nanoleaf shapes for the gaming room:

How long is Black Friday at Saturn?

When does Black Friday start? Black Friday will take place this year on November 25, 2022 instead of.

However, the offer phase at Saturn as part of the Black Friday week has already started and will run until November 24 at 8 p.m. Then we continue with the offers for the actual Black Friday.

So you don’t necessarily have to wait until Black Friday to get yours now desired products to order and save money. It’s easier and more relaxed that way.