Pokémon GO is holding a mysterious Ultra Beasts event this weekend

Pokémon GO Promotional Poster Ultra Beast

First teasers of Pokémon GO and a new countdown have appeared. Something related to Ultra Beasts is set to happen on November 27th. We show you all known information.

What kind of event will this be? That is still unclear. What we do know is that it’s supposed to be about Ultra Beasts. In Pokémon GO you can fight against the new Ultra Beast Schlingking. From November 23rd, the focus will be on the Ultra Beast Anego. But something else is supposed to happen on November 27th.

Trainers will find posters leading to a countdown. There is also a cryptic video from Pokémon GO.

A new countdown for Pokémon GO

This was found: On reddit, trainers report finding posters of ultra beasts. A QR code is printed on it, which leads to a countdown webpage leads. The time expires at 15:00 today, November 21st. Trainers suspect that there will be more information about the upcoming event.

Trainer Casually-Calico shows what the promotional poster for the Ultra Beasts looks like reddit:

Players suspect in the comments that the date could possibly be a raid day with the ultra beasts. “Probably all Ultra Beasts that have existed in Pokémon GO so far in one raid day,” writes kryspyboiz.

Two dates can be seen on the poster:

  • November 26 in Los Angeles
  • November 27 worldwide

Video speaks of an Ultra Beast arrival

This is what the video shows: On Twitter, the official Pokémon GO account shows a short teaser video. There you can see distorted graphics and test images and “#UltraBeastArrival”.

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The team writes: “Ultra beast alert. New information indicates an unprecedented wave of Ultra Beasts will arrive on November 27th. stay alert Be prepared.”

In a recent tweet, the team asks the trainers: We’re only a week away from an Ultra Beast arrival. Do you think you are prepared?

This information also matches teasers that various Pokémon GO partners have shown over the past few days. As early as November 15, accounts like that of Pokémon GO Hub published the dates “26. November” and “27. November” and advised that one should prepare.

A few days ago, Niantic revealed in the overview of the November events that an event will run on November 27th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

As soon as there is new information about the event, you will read about it here on MeinMMO. So get ready for new information when the countdown ends today and keep checking back with us.