PS Plus Essential in December 2022: These are the date and time of the game reveal

On this day, the new PS Plus games for Extra and Premium are expected to be unveiled.

Announcement Date: The PS Plus Essential games will be revealed at the same time each month.

PS Plus Essential subscribers can look forward to some bonus games again in December 2022. We also know when we’ll announce which titles you’ll get at no extra cost this time if you’re already a subscriber. The time when the games will be available is also already known.

This is the date when the PS Plus Essential games will be revealed and released in December 2022

Sony usually announces the PS Plus Essential subscription bonus games on the same day of the month. The time of availability has also always been the same in recent years. If nothing changes in this pattern (which we strongly assume will not), we already know the date for the announcement very well:

  • estimated date: Wednesday November 30th, 2022*
  • expected time: 5:30 p.m. (Central European Time)**
  • When will the new PS Plus Essential games be live? Available from Tuesday 6th December 2022 (around 12 noon CET)

*Where does this date come from? The new PS Plus Essential games are usually released on the first Tuesday of each month and are announced six days in advance. This makes for an announcement for November 30, 2022 and an unlock on December 6, 2022 on PlayStation Store this month.

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**5:30pm is Sony’s usual game reveal time. They are then usually available around 12 noon.

All PS Plus information at As every month, we will of course also present the new games for December in more detail in time for the announcement.

Are there already leaks for the essential games in December 2022?

No, there are currently no leaks on the possible PS Plus Essential lineup in December 2022. But chances are that we’ll find out which titles are included this time before the official announcement. At least that was actually the case regularly in the past.

The French deals website dealabs often knows in advance the bonus games included in PS Plus Essential. Should the lineup be leaked again this month, we will of course update this article here.

What PS Plus Essential games are there in November 2022?

These PS Plus essential games from November 2022 you can currently still download it with the corresponding subscription without additional costs:

The absolute highlight of the November titles should undoubtedly be Nioh 2. This trailer gives a good idea of ​​what awaits you in the Souls-like RPG:

Nioh 2 - First gameplay with new yokai + abilities in the trailer


Nioh 2 – First gameplay with new yokai & abilities in the trailer

In this GamePro article, we unravel what Nioh 2 and the other PS Plus Essential games from November 2022 are all about. You will also find out which of them could be particularly worthwhile for you – and why.

What games do you want next for the December 2022 lineup? How do you like the November titles?

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