Skate shows video of how its development is going

The editor AE and the developer Full Circle have released a new video showing the development progress of the highly anticipated skateboarding game skateboarding. The video features Senior Creative Director Cuz Parry, Senior Animation Director Matt Derksen, Lead Game Designer Ryan Pelcz, Franchise Art Director Magali Sonnet-Debard, and Lead Level Designer Elliott Walton.

The team claims that all the gameplay shown in the new video is not exactly the same as what we have seen before. In fact, the team has taken quite a lot of feedback to improve the previous version of the game quite a bit. All of that said, the video also makes it clear that this is still incredibly early footage from a pre-pre-alpha version of skateboarding.

This is the first time we see gameplay footage of skateboarding since the leaks earlier this year. The studio, at the time, had released footage of an incredibly early build of the game, and despite its use of placeholder art and rough gameplay, the studio said it was “honoured” by the resonance of the community.

skateboarding It does not have a release date yet, but it is known that it will be free and will have microtransactions.

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