Star Wars Andor: SPOILERS – the finale has been leaked!

Are Snoke and Kino Loy from Star Wars the same person?

Everyone is allowed to meet on Wednesday Star Wars fans to the twelfth and final episode of Andor at DisneyPlus look forward – at least as far as season 1 is concerned. One second season with Diego Luna in the role of Cassian Andor has already been confirmed. Even if the final is imminent, fans still have to come along in the next few hours some caution be on the internet. It’s them now first leaks to episode 12 surfaced.

What does the Andor leak say?

Before we reveal what details the leak revealed, let’s of course precede spoilers to warn. So if you want to see the episode completely impartially, you should better don’t read on. in the Reddit forum does a user have some screenshots from the Post Credit Scene shared the episode. Do you remember when Cassian Andor in the Narkina 5 Prison been held captive? We now know what he and the other prisoners had to build for the Empire.

Many of you may have guessed – these were parts for the famous Death Star. And in the post-credits scene, we get to see the one-offs attach to the gigantic space station to be attached. For Cassian Andor joins in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hence a circle. Because as we know, a few years later he sacrifices his life to steal the plans for the Death Star.

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