The security concept of 7 vs. Wild: Code Red, now what?

The security concept of 7 vs. Wild: Code Red, now what?

The turn of 7 vs Wild entails some risks. How quickly something can happen, we have based on Max and Johannes injuries seen. How is that organized rescue team and what if a participants at risk is?

7 vs. Wild: The security concept

In advance they have Organizers of Wandermut put together and a safety concept developed. Situations are based on Damage severity and probability in risk areas assigned. This assessment is carried out with all sources of danger.

“Then we ask ourselves two things: A, what can we do to reduce this probability. […] And then you ask what you can do when the shit hits the fan,” explains Paddy from Wandermut.

The risk rating of a shark attack is a 4 out of 7.

Test alarms: Practice makes perfect

Before the participants have arrived on the island, the possibly necessary rescue has been practiced. A scenario was played through exactly: After jumping out of the heli, a candidate could in distressed or get injured and threaten to drown. You can do that Save Tom from the water by Martin and receive first aid from the doctors.

additionally were repeatedly test alarms given to practice the process on the hacienda as well as possible. The time between the emergency call being made and the helicopter taking off must be be minimized.

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Becomes a code red sent, an alarm is sounded in the camp. The team tried using a satellite phone contact with the patient to get an idea of ​​the situation. Start in no time Heli and boat to the rescue.

Should it two emergencies at the same time give, there is a possibility that to split rescue team and to fly by helicopter to the more pressing emergency. In the worst case, the patient can Panama Clinic to be taken to Panama City.

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