Twitch streamer Trymacs broke up with FIFA 23 – What does he say about the World Cup in Qatar?

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Trymacs was one of the biggest streamers around FIFA 23 on Twitch for a long time until he gave up the game. Now the real football World Cup has started in Qatar. Trymacs was clear on this.

Trymacs boycotts FIFA 23: The history of Trymacs and the FIFA series is exciting to watch.

He also called it a “huge mistake” to have started with FIFA and again criticized the loot box mechanics of the packs in Ultimate Team. It wasn’t his only criticism: he also had a clear opinion on the FIFA World Cup, which has now started in Qatar.

Trymacs clear: “Unfortunately, there will be no World Cup this year”

This is what Trymacs says about the World Cup: At the end of October, Trymacs made a clear statement about the World Championship, which has now started in Qatar.

In a video, Trymacs comments on how strong he finds one of the German national players, Jamal Musiala, and that he is actually “really up for the World Cup with him”. But he also explains: “Unfortunately, there will be no World Cup this year”.

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Basically, football always plays a big role at Trymacs – even without FIFA 23. He founded his own football team, organized a football event with Twitch streamer Knossi in July and recently even had the “Goal of the Month” for a short time. Title in sight after a strong hit in the district class. The football World Cup will probably not be found at Trymacs.

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When asked why he doesn’t follow this, Trymacs points to the clear criticism of the World Cup that thousands of people died during the construction of the stadium: “I think football is very nice, but I prefer my football without thousands of dead bodies”. It’s not worth it, says Trymacs.

This is the criticism: The football World Cup began on November 20, 2022, but the awarding of the tournament to Qatar was and is heavily criticized by the public.

One of the most important points is the discussion about guest workers who died under extreme conditions during the construction of the World Cup stadium. There is talk of several thousand deaths, but the exact numbers are not transparent, which also leads to criticism. ZDF examines the situation in more detail in a report (via