Windows 11 21H2: What does the KB5019157 patch bring?

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There is a new patch for build version 21H2 of the current Windows 11 operating system: KB5019157. What does the optional download bring?


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After the monthly patch day, which Windows 11 21H2 with KB5019961 has already completed, Microsoft is releasing optional updates for the current operating system at irregular intervals. Another update has been added with KB5019157, which is now available for download.

The core feature of the new KB5019157 update for Windows 11 is the function called “Quick Assist”: The tool allows users to access other devices remotely. These do not necessarily have to be registered in the same network. Similar to other programs of this type, remote access can also be carried out with Quick Assist via a regular Internet connection.

As always, such patches also include some bug fixes and performance improvements for Windows 11 21H2. As Microsoft says in the associated changelog for KB5019157update states that the update should fix an error in the Microsoft Store that temporarily paralyzed the updating of apps. In addition, other problems with the DirectX software D3D9 and the Windows Firewall are said to be a thing of the past in the new patch.

The KB5019157 patch for Windows 11 21H2 can be installed on the operating system as usual using the automatic update function. In addition, the company also offers downloads via the Microsoft Update Catalog than conventional installation. It can also be assumed that Microsoft will not release any further optional updates this year after the most recent patch due to the upcoming Christmas season – in addition to the expected Windows Patchday in December, KB5019157 is the last update of the year.

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