WoW Memes: Ulduar is coming soon – time for My Heart Will Go Yogg-Saron

WoW Memes: Ulduar is coming soon - time for My Heart Will Go Yogg-Saron

from Susan Brown
In WoW WotLK Classic, fans are slowly but surely preparing for phase 2, although we have no idea when it will begin. All we know is that the Ulduar raid instance will then open its doors. And there are already the first memes, which certainly have something to do with the upcoming guild drama about the legendary mace Val’anyr. Or just funny.

Wow WotLK Classic is late September 2022 started and the waves of releases are slowly smoothing out after the majority of the heroes have reached level 80 and are now busy letting out the current BiS items from Naxxramas and Co. Yes, this time, unlike when Wrath of the Lich King was released in 2008, there was not so much hype about the return visit to Naxxramas, because many Classic players who wanted to see the raid actually had plenty of time in Classic to make the flying necropolis unsafe – something that many warriors were probably granted at the end of 2006 and shortly before the release of The Burning Crusade.

So while the guilds trudge into Naxxramas in the Dragonblight and haul out tons of loot, Many a Classic fan is already wondering when Phase 2 of WotLK Classic will actually continue. This is absolutely not known yet, at least not from the official developer side. In phase 2, that’s as sure as salt in the soup, starts the Ulduar raidone of the most legendary raids in 18 years of World of Warcraft (buy now ). And that might also start internal guild quarrels and quarrels… after all, healers in particular want to call the legendary Val’anyr mace their own!

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My Heart Will Go Yogg-Saron!

Matching the discussions already taking place about who is allowed to throw the fragments of the hammer, WoW fan BraidedBeard has published an entertaining meme post on Reddit, which is also just so funny – don’t you think so?!

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If you have the melody of Celine Dion’s Titanic world hit in mind, you might just find the meme funny (like me). However, if you read the comments on BraidedBeard’s post, you will find out that there is agreement or disagreement regarding the loot rights to Val’anyr’s individual parts.

And then the question arises: Have all the fronts been settled for the Classic players and WotLK veterans among you? Do you already know which of your teammates or whether you can hit the splitter drops yourself? Will you let DKP or similar systems decide? Or do you just agree on Free for All? We’d love to hear your comments – and, of course, if you’re just looking forward to Ulduar.