YouTuber Gets Legendary Player In FIFA 23 Everyone Wants – Doesn’t Even Realize It

YouTuber Gets Legendary Player In FIFA 23 Everyone Wants - Doesn't Even Realize It

YouTuber BorasLegend was tinkering with his team for FIFA 23 when he suddenly found football legend Pele at his club. He just didn’t understand why it was there.

In a clip on YouTube, the well-known football YouTuber “BorasLegend” is in the process of converting his team into Ultimate Team. He comments a bit casually on what he is doing – and suddenly becomes very quiet.

When he wants to fill an empty spot, football legend Pelé smiles at him as an option. The YouTuber’s gaze twists into a clearly confused expression. You can see: He absolutely did not expect the card.

He quietly builds the FIFA 23 icon into his team, looks at stats and the player biography for a few seconds. The card turns out not only to be exchangeable, i.e. sellable on the transfer market, but also as a first-owner card.

So he definitely didn’t buy this Pelé on the transfer market, he got it from a pack. But BorasLegend obviously didn’t know anything about it.

You can see what it looked like in the video here:

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This is how the YouTuber reacts: Even though the BorasLegend team is loaded with powerful and expensive cards, the legend catches them off guard. “What? What’s happening? What’s happening here, chat? I didn’t pull Pelé. It must be a glitch,” he first comments: “Why do I have a tradeable Pelé on my account?”

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The answer can be found quickly in a conversation with one of his mods. “I might have pulled him because I opened a few packs for you,” he says to BorasLegend.

Apparently, these packs also contained some World Cup picks from the current event, which Pelé must have pushed back. So the mod didn’t notice that he had just drawn the third most valuable card in the whole game for BorasLegend.

“Didn’t you notice? You’ll notice it when you pull Pelé. Did you draw Pelé for me,” the YouTuber asks incredulously, “When was that?”

The clip does not provide an answer to the question. “It’s not just any icon, it’s Pelé,” BorasLegend is stunned: “I didn’t pull him, I didn’t pull him,” he repeats several times.

In the end, BorasLegend puts the card on the transfer market – for 4,001,000 coins. An absolute fantasy sum in Ultimate Team, with which you could build an extremely strong team.

Why is this special? To draw powerful rare cards in FIFA 23 you need a heck of a lot of luck. The chance of strong cards from packs is low – and that should be especially true in the case of Pelé.

The Brazilian’s card has a rating of 95, awesome stats, and 5-star skills. Pelé is still often mentioned as a candidate when it comes to the best footballer of all time.

It is currently the third most expensive card in FIFA 23 – behind Ruud Gullit and leader Ronaldo. Pelé is the epitome of a football legend and any “normal” FIFA player would probably hardly believe picking this player. It was also unbelievable for BorasLegend – just because he didn’t even notice.

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There is a lot of talk about gameplay in FIFA 23 right now. With the current patch, that was practically turned inside out, the game now plays completely differently. You can see the impact of Title Update 4 on FIFA 23 here.