YouTuber streams 50 hours live from a glass cage – wants to beat his Twitch record

YouTuber streams 50 hours live from a glass cage – wants to beat his Twitch record

27-year-old streamer Ludwig Ahgren, who often goes by his first name online, hosted his “Subathon 2.0” on YouTube over the weekend of November 18. For this he streamed for 50 hours locked in a glass cage and raised $ 300,000 for charity.

What is the Subathon all about? In spring 2021, Ludwig set a record for the most paid subscriptions on Twitch. In such a “subathon” (subscription marathon), each completed subscription extends the duration of the stream.

Ludwig ended up being on the air for 30 days and receiving 282,000 subs – breaking a record set by Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in 2018.

In November 2021, Ludwig announced that he wanted to stream exclusively on YouTube in the future. Ludwig has also organized unusual campaigns on YouTube. He copied the stream of his Twitch colleague Félix “xQc” Lengyel point by point for 7 hours.

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YouTubers suffer for a good cause

What was that action now? Ludwig had announced a repeat of his subathon, this time with the goal of raising money for charity. The donations should be between the Animal Welfare and Education Center Alveus Sanctuary and No Kid Hungry be divided.

No Kid Hungry brings needy children into contact with food options, such as breakfast at school.

In order to beat his Twitch record, Ludwig had to come up with something. For his “Subathon 2.0” he “only” wanted to be on the air for 50 hours, but under special circumstances. Due to the length of the stream, the VoDs were divided into parts 1-5. The videos are up Ludwig’s YouTube channel available.

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Instead of in the comfort of his streaming room, Ludwig spent the 50 hours at DreamHack Atlanta 2022 locked in a glass box. In order to create incentives for donations, Ludwig set various donation goals, in the fulfillment of which the streamer had to endure sometimes embarrassing, sometimes painful actions.

Ludwig in his glass cage, surrounded by the visitors of the Atlanta Dreamhack

What did Ludwig endure? Already within the first 2 hours Ludwig was in a clown disguise and got cake in his face. Later, Ludwig got a new haircut, which his chat was allowed to vote on, and was shot down with paintballs by T-Pain.

How was the Subathon received? Ludwig’s concept of completely exposing himself in public was well received by his viewers. He reached his original fundraising goal of $100,000 in less than 24 hours.

With 28 hours to go, Ludwig raised the donation goal, first to $250,000, then to $300,000.

Streamers urge Ludwig to get a twitch tattoo

How much money did Ludwig collect? With just under an hour left to stream, Ludwig raised the bar again to reach his goal of $300,000. So he announced that from this moment on, the top donors will be allowed to suggest what to tattoo on his palm.

Ludwig humorously urged his viewers to stop donating, but the goal of $300,000 was quickly reached. Finally there were 4 different tattoos to choose from: including the English word “cracker”, used as a derogatory term towards white people, and the logo of Ludwig’s former streaming home, Twitch.

Which tattoo won the race? As promised, Ludwig had his chat voted on about his future tattoo. Numerous streamers from Twitch and YouTube, who had secured the rights to the tattoo proposals with their large donations, advertised “their” motif.

The decision ended up being xQc: Just a few seconds before the final decision, the streamer, who has an average of 50,000 viewers, sent his chat to Ludwig and asked him to vote for the Twitch logo.

In the end, the Twitch logo came out on top, but the result of the vote was questioned: Ludwig had ended the vote a little too early.

As a consequence, Ludwig explained that he wanted to get a tattoo with a small Twitch logo and the English word “coots”, which came in 2nd place.

It remains to be seen whether Ludwig will keep his promise and whether the motif will soon adorn his body.

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