That’s why God of War Ragnarok probably won’t get any expansions

That's why God of War Ragnarok probably won't get any expansions

Get ready for the fact that no DLCs could come for God of War Ragnarok. The game director himself expressed little confidence in this matter in an interview.

Kratos looks into the horizon, sees no DLC even in the far distance

Game Director Eric Williams gives fans little hope when it comes to the possibility of God of War Ragnarok expanding further with DLCs. In a Kinda Funny Games spoilercast, he said, “I don’t know man. The game matters. I think we gave everything we had so I wouldn’t count on it.”

God of War Ragnarök comes with a decent number of game hours. After all, you can spend 50 to 70 hours there if you want to thoroughly explore the nine Nordic realms. According to Williams, a second run through the game can also be worthwhile, because there are a few surprises waiting that one or the other might not have noticed on the first run.

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But that doesn’t mean that the successful title is no longer being touched by the developers. There’s a good chance that Kratos will get a few free updates that will fix bugs and add some new content – such as the photo mode already announced by Santa Monica Studio.

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After God of War, Williams himself is most interested in working on Castlevania, he revealed.