7 vs. Wild: Sascha Huber narrowly escapes a giant spider – without realizing it

7 vs. Wild: Sascha Huber narrowly escapes a giant spider - without realizing it

In 7 vs. Wild, contestants get up close and personal with Mother Nature. In the new episode, Sascha Huber narrowly escaped encountering a very large spider.

Panama – The survival show 7 vs. Wild is currently more popular than ever. Fritz Meinecke and his candidates exposed themselves to the adversities of the jungle in Panama for seven days. However, it was clear in advance that Knossi and Co. would have to share the island with a lot of antsy little animals. Up to the seventh episode, however, all participants have been spared larger spiders or reptiles, at least until now. In the current episode, Sascha Huber narrowly escapes a supposed spider, whose size could certainly teach one or the other viewer to fear.

title 7 vs Wild: Panama (Season 2)
episodes 17
production Fritz Meinecke, Wandermut
participants Sascha Huber, OttoBulletproof, Starletnova, Sabrina Outdoor, Knossi, Fritz Meinecke, Joris (wildcard)
genre Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
format YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: Sascha Huber narrowly avoids a giant spider

What happened? In the seventh episode of “7 vs. Wild”, Sascha Huber was looking for tinder and combustible material near his sleeping place. The influencer also used dried palm bark, which he removed in order to use it later as a raw material. In the recording, however, you can see how an enormously large spider darts over the piece of palm bark that the fitness influencer is holding in his hand.

7 vs. Wild: Sascha Huber narrowly avoids a giant spider

© 7 vs. Wild / Frtiz Meinecke / Unsplash.com / ingame.de (Montage)

The spider is bigger than Sascha Huber’s thumb and seems to climb down from the bark before the influencer notices anything. Apparently, nobody noticed the spider in the post-production of the show either, because in comparable scenes, additional information is often supplemented with an informative lower third. We’ve included the scene below for you, but issue a trigger warning here if you suffer from arachnophobia.

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What kind of spider is it? Among the viewers, the amateur biologists on Reddit are now arguing whether it could be a dangerous spider like a “black widow” or just a crab. Due to the short image section, however, the animal is difficult to clearly identify. It remains to be seen whether Robert Marc Lehmann will comment on the scene in his stream in the coming days to give an assessment.

What dangers await the candidates in the Panama jungle? It was foreseeable from the outset that the challenge for the candidates in the jungle of Panama would be extremely tough. If you have become curious about what other dangers lurk in Panama for the seven candidates, you should definitely continue reading our linked article.

List of rubrics: © 7 vs. Wild / Frtiz Meinecke / Unsplash.com / ingame.de (Montage)