Callisto Protocol packs death animations into paid DLC

The Callisto Protocol hasn’t been released yet, but it’s already promoting some DLCs that will be released later. There are also some additional death animations in these paid expansions. We only get to see them if we buy the Season Pass.

Callisto Protocol: If you want to see all the deaths, you have to buy the DLCs

That’s what it’s about: The sci-fi horror game “Callisto Protocol” is not based on titles like DeadSpace – Studio founder Glen Schofield worked on the model at the time and is now working on it spiritual successor.

Callisto Protocol relies on a lot of nasty alienswho want to get at us. Ideally, we prevent them from doing so. One way or another, one thing is certain: someone has to believe in it and that doesn’t happen without bloodshed.

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In the previous gameplay presentations were several times particularly brutal and spectacular deaths displayed, both by the main character and by opponents. but some of these very special death animations will now probably be submitted in several DLCs:

“The Contagion Bundle also includes thirteen new Jacob death animations […] The Riot Bundle also includes twelve new enemy death animations […].”

(Source: Steam)

This heats up the spirits: in one kotakuarticle, this idea is sharply criticized: If now individual animations for paid DLCs become, what else is in store for us?

It does indeed sound like a bit of getting used to if these animations are to appear throughout the game, however can only be seen if we buy the Season Pass.

On the other hand reports Glenn Schofield to speak in this matter and declares that nothing from the main game is being held back for the Season Pass will. Work on this DLC content has not even started yet. The fans would have asked for more deaths.

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That sounds natural too a bit strange, after all, Callisto Protocol has not yet been published. Theoretically, it can’t have any fans. Even if there are only some based on the marketing, they cannot, strictly speaking, know what the deaths in the game look like and how many of them there are. This demand for more seems doubly and trebly strange.

The question remains for some of the potential fans probably, whether these death animations now limited to the additional DLC areas are or actually occur after the purchase in the previously accessible locations. At least all of these aspects are currently being hotly debated.

How do you feel about this: What do you think of such DLCs and how do you like it when these payment animations appear or are ‘missing’ everywhere in the game? Tell us in the comments.

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