Civ 6: Leader Pass is being torn up by buyers

Civilization 6: New DLC - Great Negotiators Pack is here (1)

Most players assumed that Civilization 6 had reached the end of its lifespan. After all, the title is already six years old and has received numerous DLCs over this period, which, according to the community, have improved the gameplay a lot. The surprise was of course great when Firaxis recently announced a brand new DLC with the Leader Pass, the first content of which was even released a few days later. Even better, players who already own all the DLC for the title will get the Leader Pass completely free.

New DLC for Civilization 6 is not well received by players

Actually, free content should be a reason to be happy, but if you look at the ratings on Steam, this is apparently not the case, because of the almost 300 user reviews, 66 percent are negative. Of the Leader Pass adds, as the name suggests, a few new leaders for the different civilizations to the game. Starting here are Abraham Lincoln for the United States, Queen Mbande Nzinga for Congo, and Sultan Saladin for Arabia. If you still link your account to a 2K account, you will also receive Julius Caesar for Rome.

Firaxis has already added new playable civilizations and leaders in other DLCs, such as the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack. Of the 300 reviews on Steam, 50 percent were always quite satisfied with the DLC. While there are some users of the Leader Pass who simply found the new content unimaginative, the main reason for these rather poor ratings is probably something else. Firaxis promised that the DLC would be free for many users, but only very few players actually got access to it when it was released. Among other things in the Steam forums numerous posts appeared asking about the status of the free DLC. Firaxis was aware of the issue and tweeted that they were looking into a fix, but three days after the release, some players are still unable to access the Leader Pass.

Additionally, the Leader Pass has not been extended to the console version of Civilization 6 (buy now €11.90 / €5.75 ) published, which is why some players simply feel neglected. If all that wasn’t frustrating enough, users who bought the new DLC also had some problems. It looks like the affected users’ game has been reset, so to speak. So you lost access to all other DLCs and had to settle for the basic version. This problem was quickly fixed by Firaxis with a new patch, but this didn’t do much to improve the mood of the community.

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