CoD Warzone 2 weakens armor-piercing ammunition: no longer breaks armor – “What exactly are they doing now?”

CoD Warzone 2 weakens armor-piercing ammunition: no longer breaks armor - "What exactly are they doing now?"

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 brings regular updates with new content and balance adjustments. In a rather small update on November 22, the armor-piercing ammunition was nerfed – it no longer breaks armor. We’ll show you what the ammunition can do on MeinMMO.

What’s going on there? Call of Duty has been playing a service game for a few years – free content keeps coming into play, updates fix problems or change the balancing.

This is what happened on the evening of November 22nd, 2022 – a small update fixed over 40 bugs and the balancing was also tightened. An entry in the patch notes caused some confusion:

  • Armor piercing ammunition
    • Removed damage multiplier against armored enemies

Armor-Piercing Munitions no longer deal extra damage against… armored enemies? What sounds funny makes sense – but why was there the nerf and what use are the bullets now? MyMMO has answers.

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CoD Warzone 2: Armor-piercing ammunition as a vehicle killer

Why was the ammo nerfed? Those responsible at the developer studios Raven Software and Infinity Ward do not give a concrete answer.

However, the bullets may have messed up the planned balancing. In DMZ mode there are tons of armored NPC opponents and other players usually have armor at the start.

So far, however, the damage boost on armored opponents has not been taken into account by players in the Warzone 2 weapon meta – the developers may have removed the bonuses here as a precaution

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So what do the balls help with? The CoD news account “CharlieIntel” posted the information about the nerf on Twitter with the question: “What exactly does armor-piercing ammunition do now?”. CoD expert “TheXclusiveAce” spoke up, he has already carried out the relevant tests:

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  • Damage against vehicles & killstreaks increased by around 40%
  • Bullet penetration level increased
  • Reduced bullet speed by around 7.5%

The armor-piercing ammunition in Warzone 2 primarily causes more damage against vehicles – in the multiplayer of CoD MW2, killstreaks such as the reconnaissance drone receive significantly more damage from bullets from the weapon with the attachment.

The penetration level determines which materials the bullets can penetrate. This gives assault rifles the opportunity to penetrate cover that would previously have blocked the bullets.

Call of Duty offers an incredible number of multipliers, weapon values, recoil types and attachment bonuses that it is difficult to keep track of them. With the new weapon tuning, the system has become even more complicated.

You can find a few important facts about tuning here: CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Be careful when tuning weapons – don’t mess up your weapon setups

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