Epic Store: These free games await you next week

Epic Games Store: ​Probably no free game today - this time there's an item bundle

The deadline for the final round of free games on the Epic Games Store has passed and a new title has taken its place. From today at 5 p.m. you can get Star Wars Squadrons for your game collection for free in the Epic Games Store. All you have to do is link the spaceship shooter to your account by December 1st at 5 p.m., after which nobody can take it away from you. After this date, a few new free games are waiting for all users of the digital download platform. Those responsible at Epic Games were told exactly what these are usual announced today.

XCOM gameplay to your own game – the new free titles in the Epic Games Store

Next week players can look forward to two new titles. First, there is the full version of Fort Triumph for free. The strategy game combines “the turn-based XCOM battles with the HOMM world exploration.” You build cities, collect artifacts, and evolve your heroes to gain the upper hand in battle. Also, the environment of your battles is an important tool to achieve victory. Fort Triumph was released in 2020 and by the about 600 user reviews on Steam almost 80 percent are positive. Especially friends of the XCOM gameplay should not miss this title.

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The next free game is interesting for all users who have always wanted to implement their own game idea. With RPG in a box, which was released just this year, players can turn their own ideas into games and “other interactive experiences” with little effort. All the things needed for this are provided by the game and you don’t need any programming experience or anything like that. You can also export your finished product and share it with your friends, so you don’t even have to own this RPG in a Box. The title did pretty well on Steam, and there’s little reason not to grab RPG in a Box completely for free.

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