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Of: Joost Rademacher

Warzone 2: Fans discover Pay-2-Lose Skin – Poor visibility for 20 euros © Activision (Montage)

You hear about pay-2-win all the time, but in Warzone 2, fans can even buy a pay-2-lose skin. Poorer visibility in the BR now costs 20 euros.

Santa Monica – Whoever talks about pay-2-win in games often means a paid item that brings unfair advantages in a free game. But things get funny when a rare case of the opposite occurs. This is exactly the case in Warzone 2 now. In the new Call of Duty battle royale, there is a skin that makes the game harder for everyone who uses it. shows which pay-2-lose skin you should keep your hands off in Warzone 2.

The skin in question is the Desidia Ghillie Suit, i.e. a camouflage cloak that snipers usually use. In Warzone 2, the skin costs a whopping 2,400 CoD points, which corresponds to around 20 euros in real money. A proud price, after all, the package also contains other paintwork and stickers. A camouflage suit as a skin is all well and good, almost sounds like the Ghillie Suit is going more in the pay-to-win direction, like the dreaded Roze skin in the first Warzone.

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